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About Zebra Splints

I'm a lifelong Jeweler and EDS warrior who turned my attention of fine silver smithing to splint production after my diagnosis in 2012. I needed splints myself and was appalled at how much was being charged for these simple necessities that so greatly improve our life, so I decided to use my skills to create high quality yet affordable splints for anyone who needs them. I sell all my splints at cost, because I feel it's the right thing to do. I'd rather have the satisfaction in life of knowing I've been able to help someone else like myself than have extra dollars in my pocket.


I am also a recent survivor of hurricanes Irma and Maria here in Puerto Rico. Like many folks here, I lost a lot and am still struggling to rebuild. I faced serious struggles with my business after the hurricanes, between the complete lack of communications, utilities, and the postal service being completely shut down for weeks; followed by working at bare minimum capacity for weeks afterward. There were difficulties with many shipments going missing and being delayed for weeks. While we're still running into occasional hiccups, the area I live in has thankfully been stable for months and things are mostly back to normal.


However, the much of the island is still largely devastated. Power was finally "fully restored" to the island in September, ending the longest blackout in US history, however many areas are still experiencing frequesnt interruptions in service and our sister islands, Vieques and Culebra are still running entirely on generators. We are still struggling in many ways, myself included. Your purchases are not only helping me to rebuild, but also directly helping Puerto Rico. I always shop locally, so you're also directly impacting the local economy here that desperately needs the growth.

Your business is vital and greatly appreciated!

While I'm just starting out with my own site, I'm excited about the opportunities now available to me with my own domain. In addition to having the splint shop, I would like to dedicate parts of the page to the Ehlers-Danlos community, with a page for links to other EDS products from other members of the community, education and resources and a couple other ideas I have knocking around in my head. So bear with me here while I get the ball rolling, I'm hoping to get some great things going for us here.