Hammered Silver Lateral Support Splint

About Zebra Splints

I'm a lifelong Jeweler and EDS warrior who turned my attention of fine silversmithing to splint production after my diagnosis in 2012. I needed splints myself and was appalled at how much was being charged for these simple necessities that so greatly improve our life, so I decided to use my skills to create high quality yet affordable splints for anyone who needs them. I sell all my splints at cost, because I feel it's the right thing to do. I'd rather have the satisfaction in life of knowing I've been able to help someone else like myself than have extra dollars in my pocket. Zebra Splints has been a trusted name in splinting options since our formation in 2015 for this reason. Thanks to years of experience and formal silversmithing training I am able to create splints more quickly and effectively, and am familiar with the industry so am able to source materials at a much lower cost than most.

Here at Zebra Splints you don't have to sacrifice quality to have affordable options!


I am a single mother living in the tropical paradise of Puerto Rico. I moved from NY in 2016 to be closer to my family. While we've had our fair share of difficulties between hurricanes and earthquakes, the lower cost of living has allowed me to bring Zebra Splints to life, and I've been happy to trade in the little luxuries of mainland life for the slower pace and  lower cost of living that allows me to keep my splint prices affordable.

Through persistence and perseverance, I've kept us going through the devastation of hurricane Maria in 2017 as well as our recent earthquakes and power outages, and will continue to push through as we face the Covid-19 pandemic crisis to ensure everyone will still have access to high quality and cost effective splints , especially since so many are now working from home, which means more hand strain for many who will now need to be on computers all day.

About our Splints

Each splint is carefully formed, sanded, and shaped according to the provided measurements and brought to a beautiful high polish shine for a professional high quality product. Most splints are also adjustable within a half size larger or smaller, allowing you to tweak the sizing once received for the most comfortable and precise fit, as well as allowing for adjustments as needed to accommodate swelling or shrinking of the fingers with weather or temperature changes. Unlike many splint makers in this price range, we use a variety of metal thicknesses to ensure that every splint is both comfortable as well as supportive. From the smallest size 1 to the largest size 16 (or any other size needed!) each splint will provide the joint support needed while still maintaining adjustability. The same careful attention to detail and high standard of quality that I was trained for in my early 20's is applied to every splint I make today.

While I am not the first to make adjustable ring splints I used my training, knowledge, and ingenuity to create new and innovative splint types such as the thumb combination splints. I am always working toward new splinting solutions to address the common issues we have with the convenience of a combined splint type, rather than having to wear multiple splints to address a particular issue. There's plenty of other sellers out there who are attempting to reproduce my designs, but without the proper understanding of the designs or the level of silversmith training they always fall short. I additionally work directly with the manufacturers for my materials, allowing me to buy in bulk and significantly reducing supply costs- savings that I pass on to you. 

I am always happy to help you find the appropriate splinting solutions for your needs. Through years of experience, having many of the issues myself, and studying textbooks on hand injuries, deformities, and splinting practice I am almost always able to get you matched with the correct splint. Please keep in mind though that I'm not formally medically trained so am not able to provide diagnosis or form treatment plans, and there are some issues that need to be handled by a medical expert as well as some complicated issues that I'm not terribly familiar with. In situations like these I will direct you to your doctor to help you figure out appropriate treatment. While issues such as hypermobility are easy enough to provide answers for, more complicated issues such as nodes or arthritis deformities are best to have evaluated by a medical professional as splinting may not be the best solution.

In addition to having an extensive line of splinting options, there is also a variety of metal and finish choices available to suit any individual style or taste, as well as blend in seamlessly with other jewelry worn. All the metals we use are 100% hypoallergenic lead and nickel free and will not tarnish or rust. We are also the only splint maker worldwide to offer pure Grade 1 titanium for those with extremely sensitive metal allergies. Since only high quality pure metals are used you will never have to worry about the finish rubbing or flaking off like it does with plated metals, so the splints can be worn with hand washing, bathing, or even swimming. Your splints are designed to last a lifetime.