Hey everyone!

After a difficult year of vendor issues trying to keep my nickel free stainless on hand and ready to go, I'm thrilled to report that I've located a new vendor who is far more reliable and with much better pricing. As such I've decided to discontinue the use of the 316L surgical stainless steel and going forward all stainless steel will be the 430 grade nickel free type. This particular vendor also carries some different sizes of wire, so now I'll be able to provide slightly thinner wire for very small splints so they are still adjustable as well as extra thick wire for very large sizes (which I find incredibly exciting!)

I'm still running a tad behind on processing time due to catching up on 2 months worth of delayed orders from not having this wire the (I was already using the heavier gauge nickel free for all thumb and hand MCP splints so it was a sizeable backlog) but expect to be caught up and back to normal within the next week or so.

Shipping is still a bit of a nightmare due to Covid closures and staffing issues. I've been seeing quite a few orders where the tracking isn't updating until delivery, and it's taking a bit longer in transit. Hopefully in the coming months as pandemic numbers settle down things will start moving more smoothly again.

Thanks for everyone's patience and I hope y'all are staying safe and healthy out there! <3


Just wanted to add a quick update to let everyone know I'm still running a bit behind with processing time around 2-3 weeks. I've unfortunately been quite ill the last couple weeks, so have been stuck in bed far more often than I've been able to be up and working. I'm not sure if it's just regular sick or a flare or I'm just not recovering properly due to being a Covid long hauler, but I'm doing my best to do what I can when I can.

I've also had to make some changes to the shop. Some of the pricing has been adjusted to account for the recent price hikes in the metal market (I haven't seen silver prices this high in 20 years!) as well as adjustments to cover the small cost changes from making the switch to using only nickel free steel. I've also has to remove the hammered sterling options as my hands and wrists unfortunately just can't take it anymore.

I'm not going to go nuts trying to super fine tune everything as I'm working on migrating my web host to Shopify so I can add some payment options such as Klarna/AfterPay and Amazon/Google pay, which will hopefully make things a bit easier for folks checking out.

Hope everyone is well out there <3

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