Hello all! It looks like my medical hiatus is going to be at least another week or two. The tendon damage isn't healing as fast as I'd hoped, and while I'm able to get a few things done here and there I'm only getting a couple hours in before I start losing grip strength and have pain and tendon snapping in my hand.

I've certainly learned a lesson here- I'll never allow an IV in my right arm again, I could function if it were the left.

I sincerely apologize again for the unexpected delays and truly appreciate everyone,s patience and understanding. I feel awful that's it's taking so long to get your splints to you, and I'm doing my best to fit in whatever I can as orders are backed up from a month ago.

Hope everyone had a lovely holiday season and everyone stay safe and healthy out there!




Happy Holidays all! Have some important announcements to make!

I've been dealing with a new but worsening issue over the last couple weeks which came to a head and landed me in the ER over the weekend. While I'm doing my best to manage symptoms my ability to actually be up and out of bed over the last few days has been limited to a few hours a day. In addition to this (because EDS veins are just *great*) a botched IV placement caused considerable nerve damage in my right arm and hand. It will more likely than not heal, but it's going to take a week or two. I'm doing my best to adapt to the limitations while still being able to work, but it is very slow going. So in the interest of preserving my health I've had to make the difficult decision to do something I haven't done since I started 6 years ago- I'm taking a week or so off. 

While I'm still going to be working on getting open orders out (because in all honesty I'll go bonkers not having something to work on anyways) I'm turning the chat off and will not generally be available for messages until after the new year.

We're still experiencing issues with lost and delayed shipments, and tracking has been sporadic at best. There is a batch of nine orders that were scanned received by the post office at 4:56pm on Nov 24th, scanned as departed at 5:01pm on Nov 24th, then updated to "In transit, delayed" on Nov 28th and were never seen again. This batch of orders was taken in by an employee we've had repeated issues with since she started a couple months ago, including that period of time where every single order updated to "processing exception" when they were scanned in. We are working with USPS to resolve the issue, but as it stands I have them all marked down for remake and reship and will update everyone's tracking with the new shipments as soon as I have them ready to go.

As you may have noticed I've turned on sale pricing as the two only sales I run a year are Black Friday weekend and the last week of December and I don't want anyone to miss out, but please bear in mind that the processing time is likely to be 2-3 weeks, depending on how quickly my arm heals and how well I can get the other issues under control.

I sincerely apologize for the unexpected delays and greatly appreciate everyone's patience during this busy and difficult time.

I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday season and stays safe and healthy out there!