After an excruciating 2 weeks without my car I'll finally be getting it back Wednesday or Thursday! I have a few orders that are behind due to not being able to pick up my supply shipments from the post office in a timely manner, but orders are largely going out on time. I dropped of a HUGE batch yesterday (they may not be scanned in until Monday as it was late in the day and I had to use the drop box) and any other currently open orders will be going out Wednesday. Going forward all orders will be back to the normal processing time, and I'm even going to be able to add an option for rush processing!

Thanks so much for everyone's patience and understanding with the recent delays, it's truly appreciated!




Hey all!

While I am thankfully continuing to get order completed within my 3-5 business day processing time (mostly, there are a handful that were delayed by a wire shipment) I unfortunately will be without transportation this upcoming week as my vehicle will be in the shop for repairs. My ability to get orders to the post office will be spotty and potentially not possible until the end of the week as I don't have alternate methods of transportation available at this time.

Where I live is rural enough that I don't have home mail service, so scheduling a pickup with USPS is not possible, everything has to be taken to the post office 20 minutes away.

I sincerely apologize for the unexpected delay and thank you for your patience!