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Important Covid-19 update!

I want to take a moment to let everyone know that I'm taking extra precautions to help keep my Dazzle safe. I myself was infected and am now thankfully recovered (and boy what a miserable two weeks!) The virus can live on solid,non porous surfaces (such as metal or plastic) for about 3 days,and paper surfaces for about 24 hours. I am using extra precautions when packaging, and will additionally be sealing orders in a plastic mailer to help protect from anything getting through the bubble mailer.

Please allow a little extra time for shipping. USPS is taking extra precautions as well, and this appears to have slowed domestic shipments by a few days. international shipments will likely experience delays as well, depending largely on the situation in each country. 

I'm also absolutely thrilled to be able to say that for the first time in over a year, orders are completely caught up and I'll be back to being able to ship many orders within 1-2 business days, the exception to this being titanium which is still backordered through my vendor. Any orders not yet shipped,including replacements and resizes, are without exception waiting on wire. Orders for nickel free stainless,sterling silver, and gold filled that haven't shipped should be out by the end of the month at the latest, as the wires are already ordered and should be on their way to me within the next few days.

I want to express my sincerest gratitude for the love and support and patience I have received from everyone through the difficult times recently. We are still fighting for the return of my daughter, and I will be leaving the sale prices up for the immediate future both because I still need to pull together a good bit for my secondary out of state lawyer as well as because I know we're all struggling right now. I don't mind working on the cheap even more now that I'm quarantined in my house :)

Stay safe out there everyone!

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