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While this is not something i often speak of, there is a huge part of my life some of you know about, and it is now time to speak out.

I moved to Puerto Rico in March of 2016. My then husband, father of my daughter, was supposed to move down with us, but had to return home to "tie up some loose ends". After a few weeks of his absence, my daughter (then 3) came forward to my parents and I that he has been sexually abusing her, and that it was going on long enough that she had still been in diapers when he started.

I have done everything since to try to go about getting her proper protection and justice. for the last 4 years, we have been in hiding as I struggle to save the thousands I need for lawyers and forensics the police department botched, but with the hurricanes and my parents health and all the other snags it has not been easy.

Today he came and took my screaming crying terrified daughter from my arms, and the only way i have to stop him is pulling together enough money to have a lawyer and forensic data analysis done on an important piece of evidence.

Please help me to share this sale with everyone so i can make that necessary goal, because if not I will lose her to him and my sweet baby will be forced to live an absolute nightmare. Help me save my baby.

With all the love,


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