Happy to announce I've *finally* got the internet nightmare sorted!

I'm also back to having all wires in stock (with gold in limited amounts as it's cost prohibitive) and am finally completely caught up after months of turmoil trying to get supply chain sorted out, causing significant delays. Nearly all orders are now shipping next business day, and often even same day if they come in early enough.

I'm also extending the sale pricing as we are starting to go back into lockdowns with the Covid pandemic, and many are homeschooling/distance learning for the foreseeable future meaning having to spend a whole lot more time on computers, which is really tough on hypermobile and arthritic hands. Hopefully I can help make this a bit easier for y'all.

Also, keep and eye out and check back often, or give me a follow on FB/Insta as I'll be adding a lot of new stuff in the coming weeks now that I finally have some extra time to devote to design expansion and setting up new products.

Stay safe and healthy out there!

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