Combination Thumb MCP/CMC Splint

Combination Thumb MCP/CMC Splint

PriceFrom $90.00

Combination support thumb ring splint to help protect the thumb MCP and CMC joints from hyperextension. Also shown with optional lateral supports which can be added on by selecting them from the "Add Ons" section on the thumb splint page.

Comes standard with a stainless steel chain bracelet to match the color of metal selected, with other chain bracelets available for separate purchase or upgrade in the "Add Ons" section.

Please select your desired metal and ring size from the drop down menus. Please also add the length from the web of your thumb to base of the hand just below the CMC joint (shown as the purple line in the second photograph) and the circumference of your wrist (shown as the blue line) to the notes box.

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