Stable Hand 4 Finger Buddy Splint

Stable Hand 4 Finger Buddy Splint

$60.00 Regular Price
$30.00Sale Price

The Stable Hand 4 Finger Buddy splint is designed to help keep the MCP joints aligned and prevent the pinky and index fingers from straying too far to the side, a common cause of pain in the index and pinky finger MCP joints. This design is similar to the "strap" style finger or hand splints that mimic buddy taping, but with additional support and assignment due to the individual joined ring style.this splint can be customized to allow a hand MCP to be worn in conjunction to block hypertextension as well, giving maximum stability across the hand MCP joints.

Pictured in stainless steel, with pictures in other metal choices coming soon!

Please select whether you will be wearing the splint on your left or right hand from the drop down box and enter your individual ring sizes in the notes box. If you intend to wear the splint together with a hand MCP hypermobility splint, please also add this to the notes with which finger(s) the hypermobility splint(s) are worn on.


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